The AoS:LA cast and crew is so thrilled to finally present the promotional pilot for Attack on Space: Live Action!

For more information please visit our Kickstarter page, and as always please reblog and spread the word!

This fandom is amazing

Holy shit this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.


I had the amazing pleasure of being able to make the OST for this project.

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The hound was still, the birds said naught, The fox denied he had been caught, 
The bear cried “This is just our lot”, And surrendered to his pain.

Cast List:
Narrator - Adoxographist (
4CHAN - Schrag (
Ruby - Joely (
Tom - Biggs (
Red - Ryan (http://actorsallusionpresents.tumblr….)
Stitches - Teeco (

Read Ruby Quest at ( or All images, characters, and dialogue belong to Weaver. This is a non-profit fan adaptation of his work.
TG Weaver’s Blog (NOTE: Mature Content NSFW):

Music Credits can be found in the video description.

I get to act crazy here!  And this is probably my favorite in terms of music I’ve put in!



Attack on Space: Live Action Promotional Short Film

The Attack on Space: Live Action team thanks everybody for the incredible response to our six minute, promotional short film. We’ve been watching your comments, hashtags, and messages to the blog— and are truly excited to hear from you all! 

AoS:LA is currently just 5% funded, with less than 26 days remaining in our Kickstarter Campaign. We hope to raise $35,000 to create a short film that takes place during the AoS storyline— and can only do so through your continued support!

Please take a moment to consider pledging to our campaign today. All backers (from $1 and up) will receive a special thanks on our blog, and in the credits of our video. In addition to this, we are offering an exclusive episode of Attack on Space: The Audio Drama, DVDs, Soundtrack Downloads, T-Shirts, and more as rewards for backing at higher levels!

For a full list of rewards, the trailer for the exclusive AoS episode, and more, click here!

We’ve gotten asks from our followers asking how Kickstarter works regarding charges to credit cards!

To clarify, when you make a pledge, your backed amount is not charged to your card. Backers are only charged if the Kickstarter reaches its funding goal, upon the closure of the campaign. If we don’t reach our goal, you are not charged, and we will not receive any funds.

We thank you all again for the incredibly kind words about our six minute promotional short film! We hope you will consider pledging to our project to create an additional fifteen minute film that takes place during the Attack on Space timeline. 

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    Hell Hath No Fury Like an Ackerman Scorned

As a sequel to this this Kyros/Mikasa monologue that Ryan recorded (in which Kyros recognizes and is attracted to Mikasa’s fighting potential and utterly breaks her to make her “like him,” so to speak), I recorded this bit. Mikasa’s first mission as Kyros’s new accomplice is simple: bring one Jean Kirschtein to his knees for making her more vulnerable than she ever should have been.

Warning: contains implied torture/violence and spoilers for Attack on Space up to Episode 20.

Reblogging this both for the amazing writing and acting from Sahar and also because she sounds goddamn sexy as a femme fatale

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    Mikasa/Kyros - Corrupted Affection

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Back before/near the beginning of Season 2, Sahar and I spent a lot of time in chat half joking/half seriously chatting about a hypothetical situation where Kyros becomes attracted to Mikasa, not out of any affection but because he recognizes her potential as a fighter.  Then Mikasa attempts to appeal to the little humanity Kyros may have left within himself.  It does not end well.

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