fruityintheloops asked:

can you describe for me what Kyros's knife looks like, or is that up to the imagination of the viewers. I'm trying to draw him and I am currently stuck.

Probably a little something like the knife here:

Just your average combat knife, although given it’s ability to slice through forcefields, it probably either is made out of a metal or has some kind of coating that allows it to disrupt electronic signals.


Anonymous asked:

does kyros have a gore fetish or something

Domination fetish specifically.  He gains a euphoric joy from knowing that he is in control of people, that he is the one in charge and that he has them at his mercy.  It’s less that he likes gore and more that the gore is usually a sign of having someone at his mercy and he’s causing them immense amounts of pain.

turnaboutsweetheart asked:

I watch Tyranee's let's dub of Trials and Tribulations and you have the best Miles Edgeworth voice ever <3 <3

Thank you!  Miles Edgeworth is kind of one of my fandub dream roles, so when Tyranee was recasting and asked me to audition with a few others I was ecstatic, and every time I record I’m super nervous because I want to live up to everyone’s expectations of such a popular character.

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